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Welcome to Natural Girl Modern World – a Vancouver-based food blog that celebrates healthy food for the everyday. All recipes are vegetarian, with many being vegan and gluten-free. Here you'll find plenty of delicious recipes that you can actually feel good about. Things with natural wholesome ingredients like seasonal veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds. And since it's all about balance, you'll see that dessert is far from forgotten.

We're often trying to make healthy choices, but let's be real…sometimes life just seems to get in the way. As a working gal, I'm all too familiar with this challenge. A full-time job doesn't afford me the luxury of weekday cooking marathons. But it doesn't prevent me from eating well or preparing tasty meals with my own two hands. Often times it's about working smarter, not harder. Like healthy weeknight dinners that double as a packable lunch the next day. Or easy make-ahead breakfasts that save precious shut-eye in the morning. And let's not forget about weekends. On my days off, I love making yummy meals for our (often non-vegetarian) friends and family. Plus there's always room for fun, "guilt-free" desserts when that craving can't be ignored. Boy do I ever love to eat, and I'm not even close to ashamed of it.

My hope is to share ideas and meal inspiration that can work within the realities of your life. I post a variety of recipes and substitution options, so that you can find something that speaks to you – no matter what your diet or food preferences.  I truly hope you find something you love! Please feel free to drop me a note at any time. Hearing from you just makes my day. Thank you for stopping by!

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Brianne B // Natural Girl Modern World
Anguel D // Natural Girl Modern World

The girl (and the guy) behind the blog

Brianne is the voice behind the blog. In case it isn't already obvious, she's in love with food. In her spare time, she can often be found wandering through local food markets, playing in the kitchen, or reading cookbooks cover-to-cover. With a lot of eating under her belt, she has come to view food as more than just a tasty meal: food can be a source of natural nourishment for our bodies or a source of strain, depending on how we choose to eat. This new perspective has sparked an exciting journey. Brianne is now actively pursuing a Certified Nutritionist designation. She also maintains a full-time corporate job. Striking this balance of natural, holistic living within a modern world is at the heart of Natural Girl Modern World

Natural Girl Modern World launched in the summer of 2015, and has since been featured by Shape, Fitness Magazine, Buzzfeed, FeedFeed [123], Saveur [1, 2],  Food 52 [12], Nigella Lawson, Babble (by Disney) and many others. Brianne and Anguel also partner with brands for freelance recipe development and photography work.

Anguel is both the amazingly supportive boyfriend, and the guy behind the lens. You can check out his portfolio here. When they're not collaborating together on food shoots, Brianne and Anguel love to explore the outdoors. Between the two of them they’ve enjoyed hiking in faraway places like Nepal, Peru, Zion National Park, the Na Pali Coast, Vancouver Island, and Iceland. They're proud parents of two mischievous furbabies, Taro and Forrest, who are always keeping them busy both inside and outside of the kitchen!